The Real Estate market for the past few years has show great results for Marinette County.  

We ended 2015 with residential sales numbers the highest since 2007.  We ended 2015 with 520 Residential sales, this is single family homes/cabins/multi family 1-2 units.   2016 we ended with 502... so we fell a bit short from the 2015 numbers.   

The median sales price in our area was the lowest in many years in 2012 & 2013 at $75,000.  In 2014 it went up to $85,000 and in 2015 up again to $92,000, however in 2016 it dropped to $90,550.   

Overall, the market in Marinette County has been on the rebound!  That is great news.  Inventory has been a bit tighter.  We still feel some of the affects of the market crash from back in 2007.  Interest rates have been low, and many home owners chose to refinance vs. selling their home.  However it is said that rates are going to start going up! 

I hope 2017 shows consistent numbers and we have even a better year!